D and G Insurance Inc.

    For all your Commercial Truck Insurance needs, meet Dave and Glenda Smalley. We
    at D & G compare to none when it comes to providing you with your Truck Insurance in
    GA, TN, NC, and FL. Over 35 years as a "Top Rated" Insurance Agent!


        Glenda began her career working for a Truck Insurance Company in the late 70's. Her wide spectrum of experience spans from working with claim payments to running a multimillion dollar company. Glenda's experience along with completing over one hundred Professional Insurance Training Courses, set the ground floor for assisting THOUSANDS of Truck Owners throughout the years. That, my friends, should tell you why her background and self motivation has helped to set the standard by working hard for customers, just like you, while staying up to date in the ever changing Truck Insurance Industry.

         After several promotions, at the age of 28, she held the position of underwriting manager for a nationwide Truck Insurance Specialty Company in Atlanta, Ga. For many years she handled day to day operations, such as, coordinating underwriting, analyzing state policy forms, reviewing nationwide rating plans, and much more. At the same time...studying intense training courses to earn the designation of Certified Insurance Counselor.

         After many years, Glenda finally realized her true desire was to be in direct contact with the customer, and assist those in the Trucking Industry as a Truck Insurance Agent. She maintains her dedication and contribution to the Trucking Industry today as she did as she did in the early 70's by continually updating her knowledge through various Professional Insurance Training Courses.

         What does this mean? She is able to take this incredible amount of knowledge obtained throughout the years and assist customers in a way that is very rarely found. When she discusses your Truck Insurance coverage, she has the knowledge required that enables her to shop for your policy/premium in a way that most other agents do not recognize.

         Glenda has worked a total of 10 years as an underwriter, and 24 years as an truck agent, giving her a vast amount of experience working from both sides of the fence. Thus, she has the unusual talent and ability to work as YOUR AGENT with the underwriter in a way that guarantees YOU the BEST POLICY for the BEST PREMIUM. So,
    for those based in GA, FL, TN, and NC, Glenda is the Truck Insurance Agent for you!!!

         Dave, who is Glenda's husband, began college in 1975 as a Music/Jazz Guitar Major at Morehead State University in Morehead Kentucky. (The music you are listening to here on our site was written by Dave) After college, Dave elected to join the United States Air Force as an Air Traffic Controller. After 8 weeks of basic training, he spent 4 months in Biloxi, MS. attending Air Traffic Control School. Through hard work and self motivation, he excelled by graduating at the top of his class, Dave was then sent to Grand Forks Air Force Base, a SAC military installation, (Strategic Air Command) in North Dakota. Dave served there for his remaining three and a half years working in the RAPCON, (Radar Approach Control) controlling military aircraft at the AF base, and civilian aircraft at Grand Forks International Airport. 

         After leaving the military, Dave was then recruited by the FAA. He successfully completed further extensive training at the FAA Air Traffic Control Academy in Oklahoma City, Ok.. Dave was then employed by the FAA to work as an Air Traffic Controller at the Atlanta, Ga., Enroute Control Center Facility in Hampton, GA.. (The world's busiest air traffic facility) After 27 years at Atlanta Center, Dave retired at the age of 49, completing 30 years of service to our country. During his employment with the Military and the FAA, Dave received numerous awards and accommodations for "Aircraft Saves" and exemplary performance.

         Dave also owned and operated "Howling Dog Studio", (Stockbridge, Ga) recording hundreds of local musicians for 15 years. He spent many of those years writing music for his own enjoyment, and for local television stations to be used in commercials and such. He released a CD in 1992. (Dave Smalley-Wanna Trade) He has also been involved in the Video business, doing editing, marketing, and touch-up work.

         Now, to Dave's enjoyment, he is involved in the Truck Insurance Industry, assisting his wife Glenda at D & G Insurance Inc.. located in Zebulon, Ga.. Dave is responsible for the marketing and advertising of D & G, while at the same time making sure all of D & G's customers are taken care of. He is the "GO TO" man when it comes to Certificates, Forms, Applications, Office Management, and Data Management.

         D & G Insurance Inc. is a finely tuned operation utilizing Dave and Glenda's skills obtained over many years while proving themselves to be worthy opponents of all aspects of life. With the combination of knowledge, urgency, and accuracy...backed by trust, honesty, and integrity...what more could you ask for from your Truck Insurance Specialist? Check out Dave and Glenda at D & G Insurance Inc., located in Zebulon, Ga. You'll be glad you did!!
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